Cutest thing you’ve seen today! Pug puppies chasing baby Louie

They’re not even old enough to leave their mom.

However one group of adorable pug puppies have actually revealed they are not scared of being around people – by connecting themselves devotedly to a young child.

Video footage reveals the cute little kid, Louie Flynn, crawling determinedly along wood floorings in his kitchen. However unfortunately his development is hindered by four chubby pups who are determined not just to follow him however also to get his attention.

They paw at little Louie’s limbs as he makes his way throughout the floor.

And although he tries to fool them by stopping sometimes, the little puppies can more than keep up.
In spite of the pugs not being old enough to leave their mother, they are clearly confident as they follow the little boy
And their mother even views on enviously as they reveal their commitment to the toddler

As Louie reaches a set of baby-gates, he stops, and the pugs start to climb on him – enviously watched by their mom who is on the opposite of eviction.

The video footage then reveals Louie being snuggled and kissed by 2 little black young puppies as he giggles adorably.

It then goes on to show the sweet toddler being chased after by three pups in his back garden.

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